Wednesday, July 22, 2009

so i guess i'll try this blooging stuff

I guess first i should introduce myself right? Well i am the oldest of the boys in the gray family at 24 years old. I currently serve as a SGT in the United States Army on Fort Hood army base, killeen tx. I have served in the ongoing war on terror in Tal-Afar and Ramadi, Iraq. Here shortly I will again answer the nations call in Afghanistan. My single greatest joy in the army is leading and shaping my soldiers into the soldiers and leaders of tomorrow. Although i have to admit, sometimes they can be quite the handfull. soldier by day, skateboarder all night. something about being on my board makes me feel like i skate better than i can walk. my escape you know? just came out of a first place finish in the regional amatuer tour.

my family

dad-we have had our share of disagreements over the years, and now tyhat years have passed and i myself can put myself in your shoes i see the patience and good intentions you always had for me. i thank you for showing me the way to be a man, and even more, a family man.

mom- the strongest woman on earth. beat the crap out of cancer on multiple occasions and still going strong. i can't say enough about what you have been through with me and the things i've put you through. if it's one thing i remember you saying that always comes to mind it's "i asked god for patience and he gave me six kids". gotta say, i don't know how you did it. you are the backbone of the family. your words and wisdom have shaped the very souls, hearts, morals, judgement, and good nature of what your family has grown to become. you are my rock.

christina- some time ago i thought you had lost your way and you have all but turned into a fantastic mother of three beautifull children. i see only great things for you and chuck in the future.

briana- if you arent the craziest yet entertaining person in or family i don't know who is. i've never seen another person bark at random people in a store. your life has taken on so much meaning i'm sure. with cory, jack and the new baby your journey in this life has just begun. rest assured you have a brother here lest you need me.

garrett- wow man, don't get to see you as much as i'd like. your life is blessed with the abillity for professional growth. follow your dreams and your heart and you will never be wrong. and by the way, it's kinda nice not sleeping on the top bunk anymore.

james- i wanna jam out man. haha. i'll always love your appetite for music and history. it's funny that i always saw you as being the next one of us to join the military. but life has it's twists. be patient with school, it's the best way to get ahead in life. take full advantage of what you have in front of you and never live in regret.

willie- the youngest but not without an aged heart. your love for the family is strong and unwaivering. keep your friends close right now because your time physically with them is drawing near to an end. set a plan for your life and work hard to accomplish your dreams.

well, thats all i got for now. for all my family out there i wish you all the best and miss all of you.

I do have an awesome family of my own.

Stefani- you are the soul that drives this man to be all he aspires to be in this sometimes unforgiving world. you have shown me a great deal about what it means to be a father. i will always look to our future together and know that what we have will never falter, no matter the changing of the seasons or the passing of years. i know how strong you are, being the spouse of a military man puts you through hardships that would crush a lesser person. i love you baby

Aiden-sometimes i'd pull my hair out if i didn't cut it all off for work. but you were the one who made me realise i wanted more from the life i have with your mother. your curiosity is astounding, a constant reminder of how fast you will grow into a strong and independent young woman. love you turkey

Taylor- the single most life altering event since i stood on this earth. so much compassion and love and understanding rushed into my heart the day you were born. i instantly became a better person, for the mere fact that when you have your first born your drive is no longer based soley on you. but rather on the new life that you are responsible for. i find myself anxiously waiting for the day that we can go skate together, build something, do stuff that guys do. stuff that father and son do together. love you little man


  1. Chris,

    Well, it looks like I may be the only person left in the family that doesn't blog. After being on the computer all day at work, I'm not really in any hurry to get on when I get home.

    Your Mom, on the other hand, is on her laptop almost every day. She loves to catch up on what's going on with every one and especially likes to look at the pictures of the whole family. Seems like every day she wants to show me something on somebody's blog. It's kind of like watching ESPNN; you get the best stuff in a short period of time without having to watch all those games. Probably a bad analogy, but I think you get the point.

    Anyway, I was getting out the shower tonight and your Mom yelled, "Chris sent a blog!" There was a real excitement in her voice and she began to read your blog out load to me.

    I was halfway expecting a skateboard story. I was walking between work and the BX this afternoon and I passed by the hanger where you used to skate. I heard those sounds that were all too familiar and instantly began to think about you. I went a block further and two teenage boys went whizzing past me on their skateboards. I watched them try a couple of simple tricks and then thought to myself, "Not bad, but Chris was way better than you."

    OK, I'm rambling.........Anyway, as your Mom read your blog there was such excitement and pride in her voice. I was amazed; but even more proud of the man behind those words. I just wanted you to know that your words touched me and that I'm really proud of the man you've become. I work with a guy who was in Iraq. I asked where he was and he said "in the green zone in Bagdad." While I admired he service, I was even more proud to tell him about you and your time in Iraq.

    Mom and I have always said that you have a really soft heart for others. We both saw that in your blog. I told her, "Somebody sounds like they're homesick." Chris, I've been there too. Being homesick means that you really love your family and appreciate them. I just want you to know that I love you and miss you too. Hang in there Little Man.
    Love ya!