Sunday, May 9, 2010

sorry it's been so long

well i'm in afghanistan right now and have been for about 4 months. i just reinlisted in the army for another 4 years. i will admit that the only way they were gonna get me to further my army career was if i could pick schofield barracks hawaii as a duty station. just found out that i'm going to the 130th Engineer BDE there, so thats awesome. it's hard to stay in the army and not be able to see anyone you grew up with or any of your family. it's been extremely difficult with a family of my own. me and stefani have gone through so much this last year and are doing better than ever now. on the down side here i am deployed again.

another thing that bothers me out here daily is that i miss so much of my son and my daughter growing into these wonderful personalities they already posses. my son has the most infectious laughter, and my daughter has this overwhelming curiosity that grow with each day.

stefani is pregnant again as well. we know that the baby is a boy and that the due date is august 4th. i'm going to be missing the whole pregnancy. i'm trying to get all kinds of documents in order so that they will be able to send me on leave at that time.

finally i would like to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to a few people.

mom, i love you so much for putting up with me and having the massive amount of patience you have had with me over the years. you are the most loving person. as well as stern when you need to be. i thank you most of all for the sternness now because it made me the strong ,dedicated, career driven, family man that i am today. i love you.

stefani, i know that we have had our struggles and arguments, but we have conquered so much together. overcome so much adversity between us. now we are stronger than ever and i would want no other woman to raise my children. and to think that in just a few months you will renew your motherhood once again with our son Atreyu's birth. and once again i will stand in awe of the wonderment that you are, and provide to our amazing family. i love you with all my heart without fail.

hopefully i can get on here more often and tell you all more. just so busy out here.